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That Personalized Coaching Experience is Now Opened for Limited Amount of Students


This is an independent program from all of our memberships.  This program was made due to a high number of requests from our community for entrepreneurs who wants to take action quickly and get up and running faster.  This program is not for everyone.  This is a program for those of you who needs more clarity or needs more help with a personalized experience.  This program is a 1:1 coaching experience session.  Because this is a personalize session, you can purchase the package option that is best suited for your needs.  

Why we are qualified to help you...

We have been working with multimillion and multibillion dollar brands for nearly 25 years.  We have been successful in helping these large companies acquire multiple 8 figures fundings.  And we have helped them to save multiple 7 to 8 figures mistakes.  We are bringing our experience of working with multimillion dollar brands to help small business owners and solopreneurs.  These companies have hired business consultants that costs 7 figures or more.  You are getting access to experts who have experiences with larger budget firms for way less.  That does not mean that your quality of experience will be less.  Our coaches are dedicated to helping small businesses.  Small businesses are important to our communities.  

You can choose from 1 of the following options.  And if you need something that is not listed here, please reach out and let us know your need.  


Get access to one of our coaches for any topic of your choice.  The session will last 1 hour.  And to not waste your session on getting to know you and your business, we will have a set of questionnaires for you to fill out before hand.  We will be hyper focus on 1 topic or 1 problem that has been a bottle neck in your success.  We will explore what is the cause of your problem, what you currently have to work with, the options for solutions for your problem, tools you may need to help you get past your problems, and your moving forward plan so that you can overcome your problem.  You can purchase more than 1 session if you need more.  Purchase as many as you need.  This service is a la carte and depends on schedule availabilities. 


You get everything in option 1.  

Choose this option if you have multiple problems.  We can split up the sessions to 1-3 different occasions or you can use up your session credits all in 1 day.  The choice is yours.  We can hyper focus on 1 big problem that may take 3 hours or you can use the 3 hours time slot to explore solutions for 2-3 different issues that has been holding you back in your business.  Purchase as many as you need.  This service is a la carte and depends on schedule availabilities.  


You get everything in option 1 & 2.  

Choose this option if you have so many issues that you do not even know where to start.  In this package, we will explore your business from the ground up.  Look into how you have your business setup and make sure that your foundation is solid.  Then we will look into other issues in your business like branding, product developments, processes, your goals, your growth, scaling strategies, and any other aspects of your business that may be problem areas.  This program is more intense.  It's like you have a personalized consultant for your business.  We will bring any available tools and resources that we have access to, to help you with your business.  We cannot do your business for you.  But we can help you be aware of what you are doing right and what is not working so that you can make the necessary changes.  We have been successful in building multiple successful businesses that we are confident that we can help you too.  You will get access up to 30 hours of coaching from our coaches.  The 30 hours cannot be all consumed in 1 day because for obvious reasons.  So this is expected to expand out to several sessions during several days or weeks.  Sessions can last for a few hours each day or one hour per day.  This option will give you flexible scheduling option.  This experience will not last more than 1 month time or 30 consecutive days.  You will be given access to our booking calendar so that you can book the times that are available and best fit your schedule.  There will be no refund on unused time and unused time will not be rolled over.  If you need more than the 30 days hand holding experience, you can purchase more sessions.  Our coaches are multimillion dollar producers so their time is very valuable.  

With any coaching program, we cannot legally promise you how much money you will make or the level of your success.  Because that depends on you and how much efforts and resources that you want to put into your business.  We can only make suggestions and share with you our experiences and expertise but we cannot make decisions for you.  

  • This program works for any niche.  We have designed this program to work with any physical products, digital products, and services.  
  • You will also get to participate in our monthly group coaching program for 6 months.   
  • You also get access to our co-working activities and challenges.  All designed to help you take action and grow.  Access for 6 months. 
  • You can send in requests for trainings, courses, assets, designs, softwares, etc... that you would need that we do not have currently, for consideration.  We are open to feedbacks and to hear about your needs so that we can make this program the best program ever.  
  • Coaching sessions will be based on US Eastern Time Zone.  

So, what are you waiting for.  Programs similar to ours can cost $35K or more.  We have attended so many high ticket programs in person and online that are priced so high that so many people are priced out.  Our goal is to help as many people as we can so that is why our program is made to be affordable.  


  • We reserve the rights to deny coaching services if your business does not meet our expertise or if your business does not align with our beliefs (example, businesses that promote hate, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, pornography, politics, toxic topics, etc...). If this is relevant to your business, we will refund the coaching fee and we can both part ways amicably.  
  • Because coaching services consume time, there will be no refund for this services.  We cannot give a refund on time that cannot be rewind.  All Sales Are Final.  
  • If you are unsure about coaching services please do not purchase.  This experience is not for everyone.  You are welcome to join any of our other lower tier offerings to sample our products.  We also offer low ticket courses and free resources as well.  
  • Coaching sessions must be redeemed within 6 months from the date purchased.  We are not responsible for you not booking your sessions.  Rescheduling is available if you email us and let us know of your situation.  Rescheduling needs to be made 48 hours BEFORE your scheduled session.  We will not be responsible or expected to give credits or refund for missed appointments.  Our coaches have busy schedules and other clients.  And lost times cannot be made up.  
  • Please ask all questions before purchasing if you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed here.  Thank you. help.iloveplanners[at]gmail.com

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